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Immigration to Barrie, ON, Canada

Barrie is a picturesque waterfront city situated on the western shore of the Lake Simcoe shoreline. It’s a growing region that’s attracting new immigrants and those moving out of the Toronto area as part of the recent inter-provincial migration trends.

Barrie attracts visitors for several reasons. It is the closest bedroom community to Toronto, located 90 kilometers north and only an hour away by car. The low housing prices and low cost of living in the vicinity are attractive. There has been a significant increase in employment in the area, and the city has a well-developed transit system.

Barrie is also a fantastic location for people who enjoy the outdoors, with plenty of great beaches, hiking trails, skiing, and watersports nearby.

Is Barrie, Ontario, a suitable location to live for immigrants?

The city of Barrie, Ontario, is a medium-sized city with a slower pace of life compared to larger cities like Toronto. While Barrie is well-known for its traditional culture, it is also becoming more diverse. Barrie is acknowledged as the safest city to live in Ontario. If you love nature and cottage life, Barrie is worth considering.

How many people live in Barrie?

Barrie has experienced rapid growth, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Ontario. In 2020, the city had a population of approximately 155,000 people. Barrie was recently named one of Canada’s top five most-moved cities. According to the Ontario government, the Barrie population is projected to double to approximately 300,000 people by 2051 as a consequence of increased immigration and internal migration.

The Local Economy of Barrie

The economy of Barrie is on the rise. As more people leave the city for greener pastures, businesses are looking to invest in the city. With a projected population growth of 70% by 2041, new jobs and opportunities are being created. Barrie is projected to produce more than 30,000 new jobs over the next 20 years.

The top industries in Barrie include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Security and Cloud Services
  • Technology
  • Food and beverage
  • Life sciences
  • Retail
  • Tourism

About Immigration to Barrie, ON

There are multiple reasons to support your decision to immigrate to Barrie, Ontario. SOme key highlights of this rat place are provided as follows;

Barrie has several main corporate headquarters. It is a great place to work for a larger company. Some of Barrie’s main employers include Coca-Cola, IBM Canada Leadership Data Center, Sun Media, Hydro One, Scotiabank, The Source, The Royal Victoria Regional Health Center, Georgian College, Napoleon/Wolf Steel, and Russell Security Services.

Exploring career opportunities in Barrie can be achieved through a variety of methods. These include conducting job searches on the Government of Canada’s Job Bank, online job boards, local recruitment agencies, and more. To learn more about the resources available to help you reach your career objectives in Canada, please visit this resource page for information and tools, as well as complimentary webinars.

If you’re a new immigrant moving to Barrie or Simcoe County, you’ll have access to a wide range of community support services. You’ll also be able to discover more about what it’s like to live and work in your new community.

Prime Location & Language Support

Barrie is in a prime location, allowing residents to live anywhere in the city and still be within a ten-minute drive of Highway 400. That makes it an attractive destination for regular commuters to Toronto and tourists traveling north. Its strategic location on the map allows for convenient transportation, with an hour and a half to reach Toronto from the south and the same time frame for reaching the Blue Mountain Resort from the north. Additionally, Barrie is home to a robust public transport system, with the Barrie Transit network providing transit to local areas and the Go Transit network providing access to various popular communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Moreover, Many community agencies are offering free language courses in Barrie.

Migrating to Barrie presents an ideal opportunity worth considering.

Barrie, Ontario, is an ideal destination for those wishing to immigrate to the region. The city population is growing rapidly, and the economy is flourishing with a lot of job opportunities in many sectors, from manufacturing to advanced technology. Furthermore, Barrie strategic location and skilled workforce, combined with the region robust economy, make it an attractive place to invest. Simcoe County population is projected to reach 667,000 people by 2031, making it an ideal place to immigrate to Ontario.


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