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Key Legal Services


Including Express Entry, Study Permit, Work Permit, Provincial Nominee Program, Temporary Resident Visa, Super Visa, LMIA

Family Sponsorship

Including Spousal Sponsorship, Common-Law Partner, Conjugal Partner, Children & Parents sponsorship & Undeclared Family etc.

Business Immigration

Obtaining a business visa or work permit, transfer or open location in Canada

Real Estate

Including Property Purchase, Sale, Re-finance, Lease Agreements, Re-zoning, Minor variances, Site-plan development, Subdivisions Plans etc.

Family Law

Including Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation Contracts, Separation Agreements etc.

Estates & Trusts Law Wills

Including Power of Attorney(s), Probating a Will, Trusts Law Wills, Estates Law etc.

Associations & Memberships


Our successful track record demonstrates our proficiency in assisting clients with their immigration aspirations. As a result, people consider us to be the industry’s top immigration lawyers.

Our emphasis on offering individualized service to each and every client sets us apart.

Our group of skilled immigration lawyers combines in-depth legal knowledge with a sympathetic attitude. We are committed to offering customers excellent legal services and assistance while also treating them with respect and consideration.

We are motivated to use our legal expertise to help make a positive influence in their lives since we are aware of the profound effects that immigration troubles can have on people and families.

We listen, we give solution, we act and we deliver.

Identification of the parties involved: This includes the names and contact information of the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) in the case.

Nature of the claim: This is a description of the legal issue or dispute that is being raised, and the specific relief or remedy being sought.

Relevant facts: This includes a detailed description of the events or circumstances that gave rise to the dispute, including dates, times, and locations where applicable.

Supporting evidence: This includes any documents, records, or other evidence that supports the plaintiff’s claim, such as contracts, invoices, witness statements, and photographs.

Jurisdiction: This refers to the legal authority or court where the case will be heard and determined, based on the geographic location, subject matter, and other factors relevant to the case.

Filing fee: This is the cost of initiating the legal case, which varies depending on the jurisdiction and type of case.

Deadline for filing: This is the statute of limitations or other deadline by which the case must be filed, to avoid being time-barred and potentially losing the right to pursue the claim.

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