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Greetings from the Waseer Law Office. Whether you want to immigrate, study, work, or launch a business in Canada, we recognize that your choice will alter your life. The Waseer Law Office, which serves customers in Brampton, assists you in taking the necessary measures to immigrate to your selected location. Let our immigration law firm guide you whether you’re moving to Brampton, Winston, or any other province in Canada!

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Our reputable immigration staff offers expert and wise immigration guidance. Our immigration lawyers in Brampton are committed to helping you find solutions in your best interests, regardless of the circumstances. It is crucial to hire a skilled and qualified immigration attorney with legal competence to help you through the process since immigration procedures can be complicated and confusing and because the repercussions of missing information, missing deadlines, or making mistakes are substantial and expensive. Our knowledgeable immigration attorneys in Brampton offer effective counsel without added stress.

Why is Brampton?

Brampton given official city status in 1974, is the ninth-largest city in Canada, one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, and a place where immigrants and native-born citizens may look forward to a prosperous future.

Brampton is located Northwest of Toronto and boasts 250 civilizations, over 850 parks, 115 languages, open areas, and recreational facilities. In 2007, Brampton was one of 10 North American communities designated by the World Health Organization as an International Safe Community.

Brampton has been acknowledged by Forbes as one of Canada’s top employers. Investment, technical advancements, and environmental improvements are still attractive. Many factors contribute to people choosing to settle in Brampton. They would therefore require the assistance of an immigration attorney in Brampton to help them with their applications.

Those looking to live well in Canada frequently immigrate to Brampton, Ontario. A varied society, Brampton’s natural beauty, and amenities make it a popular area for Canadians and immigrants to settle.

Immigration attorneys can assist you with:

  • Express Entry.
  • A permit to study.
  • Permit to work.
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
  • Visas for temporary residents
  • Applications for citizenship.
  • Immigrant business visas.
  • Immigration appeals and judicial reviews.
  • Reasons for application that are compassionate and humanitarian.
  • Detention as well as inadmissibility.
  • A stay of removal and deportation from Canada.
  • Claims for refugee protection.
  • Applications for restoration.
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
  • A prolonged stay.
  • Sponsorship by families.
  • Renewal of Permanent Resident Cards & Notary Service.

Verified Immigration Advisor Brampton

Zia Waseer is a qualified immigration attorney in Brampton who focuses on many immigration issues. That includes citizenship applications, spousal sponsorship applications, Express Entry applications, and many more applications for permanent residence. Our experienced immigration lawyers in Brampton oversee the renowned Waseer law office and have a wealth of knowledge of immigration issues and applications.

Services for immigrants, citizens, and refugees in Brampton

Our clients in Brampton receive competent and sympathetic representation from the Waseer Law Office. To find out how we can help you with your immigration, citizenship, or refugee needs, schedule a consultation with us. The Waseer law office offers a wealth of knowledge of Canadian immigration policies. Before starting the application process, we may assist you in identifying the available possibilities and determining whether you match the prerequisites.

Even more complicated immigration-related difficulties, such as criminal, medical, and misrepresentation inadmissibility situations, can be helped with by our immigration attorneys serving Brampton. Our staff can offer advice and representation because we are knowledgeable in these fields.

We provide many services related to immigration, citizenship, and refugees. You can get assistance from our knowledgeable legal staff at every stage of the procedure.

Immigration comes with a lot of challenges. It is advantageous to use the services of our immigration law office.

Avoiding charges of immigration fraud

Fraudulent immigration is a serious offense with dire repercussions, such as expulsion and jail. Immigration law is intricate, so it’s necessary to exercise caution when applying to prevent fraud charges. Consider the following while submitting an application for immigration to Canada.

Being genuine and giving accurate information on all immigration paperwork is the step in preventing immigration fraud. Falsifying facts or documents can have serious repercussions, such as a prohibition on entry.

Understanding the immigration rules and policies of the nation you are applying to is essential. To confirm you adhere to the proper processes and submit the relevant documentation, seek advice from a reputable immigration lawyer. If you hire an experienced lawyer, check Canadian credentials with the province’s legal Society. Some immigration consultants identify them as attorneys and claim to have a “law office.” Do not bypass or use shortcuts in the immigration procedure.

Consult an immigration lawyer if you have questions concerning the immigration procedure. A lawyer can advise you and make sure you follow the steps.

Our goal at the Waseer law office is to offer corporate and individual clients the most legal solutions together with the best possible level of service.

Updated Information from the Immigration Minister about Low-Risk Travellers & Canadian Visas

Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, has announced the expansion of a program that enables low-risk visitors from 13 more nations to enter Canada without a visa. These travelers can instead apply for an electronic travel authorization (ETA), a quick-processing digital travel document that costs $7. Travelers from these 13 nations must fulfill the requirements to qualify for the ETA. 

The immigration minister asserts that the program’s extension makes it easier for tourists to Canada to travel. Additionally, it reduces the backlog of visa requests. People having recently passed screening in Canada or the US will comply with Canadian visa criteria.

The new electronic travel authorization is still in effect for five years until the traveler’s passport expires, whichever happens first. Minister Fraser also mentioned future ambitions to broaden the program’s scope and include more nations.

The added Nations that Qualify now include:

  • Brazil
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • Morocco
  • Panama
  • Philippines
  • St. Kitts and Nevis
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Seychelles
  • Thailand
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Uruguay


As a result, if your application for Canadian immigration is rejected, we can provide you with solid legal counsel and representation. We can assist you in appealing the judgment to the Immigration and Refugee Appeal Board or the Federal Court. Finally, whether you wish to relocate to Winston, Brampton, Ontario, or any other Canadian city, our mission is to assist you in realizing your dream of residing and working in this stunning nation. Live instead of worrying. The Waseer law office is here to help. Our motivation is your dream.
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