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Licensed immigration is the process of regulating and authorizing immigration through the official channels of the government to comply with immigration regulations and procedures. As an immigration lawyer, Zia Waseer who has earned a prestigious position among the Top Three Lawyers in London, Ontario, educates clients on the complexities of immigration regulations and procedures to ensure seamless and legal immigration to the destination of their choice.

Importance of Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers offer vital assistance, direction, and knowledge to people and families looking to immigrate to another nation and make substantial life adjustments. Their services not only speed up the procedure but also raise the likelihood that immigration will be successful. To guarantee the highest quality advice, it is necessary to select recognized and experienced lawyer who are officially registered and authorized to practice immigration.

Overview of the Regulatory Body – ICCRC

The Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council (ICRC) is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing immigration lawyers across Canada. The ICRC ensures that Canadian Registered Immigration Lawyers maintain a high level of professionalism, ethics, and competence in providing immigration advice. The ICRC administers examinations, sets educational standards, and oversees a consumer-friendly disciplinary system. In addition, the ICRC requires RCICs to engage in continuous professional development to stay abreast of immigration regulations. The ICRC plays a vital role in promoting professionalism and protecting clients from unregulated immigration lawyers.

Steps to follow for getting an Immigration License

To be licensed as an immigration lawyer in Canada, you will need to complete an ICCRC-accredited immigration practitioner program. Each program includes a comprehensive curriculum that covers topics such as immigration laws and procedures, ethics, client representation, and more. Aspiring immigration lawyers must also demonstrate that they speak either English or French fluently to be able to effectively communicate with clients and the relevant authorities.

Aspiring immigration lawyers must pass the ICCRC Exam, also referred to as the Full Skills Exam, to qualify as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) in Canada. This test assesses candidates’ understanding of immigration laws, rules, moral obligations, and job duties. The ICCRC Exam must be passed to prove one’s proficiency and readiness to engage in immigration process. To improve your chances of passing the exam, study the necessary materials, sign up for review sessions, and take practice tests. After passing the exam, candidates can move forward with their registration application with the ICCRC and start a business as certified immigration lawyer.

The Good Character Requirement is one of the most important requirements for becoming an immigration lawyer. Aspiring immigration lawyer must obtain a Police Clearance Certificate and pass a rigorous background check to prove their good character and integrity. The GCR’s mission is to safeguard the immigration reputation, protect the public interests and ensure that clients receive advice from trusted and ethical immigration consultants. Adhering to the GCR emphasizes the obligation to maintain ethical standards throughout a career as an immigration consultant.

Professional liability insurance protects you and your clients from mistakes or misstatements in your work. Having enough coverage protects you from financial losses and gives you and your client peace of mind throughout your immigration process. As a lawyer, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your clients is to get professional liability insurance. You should prioritize getting insurance to reduce your risks and show that you are committed to ethical and responsible immigration consulting practices.

To become a Licensed Immigration Lawyer in Canada, there are several steps required to complete the application and registration process. Candidates must submit a complete application to the ICCRC, which must include personal information, educational qualifications, and relevant work experience. The application fees must be paid, and the applicant must undergo a comprehensive document verification and assessment conducted by the ICCRC. During the assessment, the applicant must provide a Police Clearance Certificate to demonstrate their good character and good conduct.

The Code of Professional Ethics was established by the International Council for the Prevention of Cruel, Deceitful and Incompetent. Activities ICCRC requires consultants to adhere to transparency, confidentiality and to prioritize the best interests of their clients. Consultants must avoid any potential conflicts of interest and uphold professionalism and integrity throughout all interactions. Education of clients on the immigration process and the reporting of unethical conduct are essential components of ethical practice, thereby building trust and credibility in the industry.

CPD is a compulsory requirement for immigration lawyers licensed in Canada. It involves ongoing educational and training activities designed to keep consultants informed of the most recent immigration legislation, regulations, and industry best practices. CPD is a three-year cycle that covers the duration of a consultant’s RCIC designation, during which they must complete approved activities and training courses. CPD assists consultants in advancing their knowledge and providing quality services to their clients, thereby enhancing their professionalism and credibility in the immigration sector.

Zia Waseer is a Licensed Immigration Lawyer

Zia Waseer is a certified immigration lawyer who has made it his mission to guide individuals and families through the challenging immigration procedures in Canada. Zia assists customers in attaining their immigration goals by using a customized approach, an extensive understanding of immigration rules, and a dedication to professionalism and integrity. His unswerving assistance goes beyond the application procedure as he aids with adjustment and societal integration. Zia has a stellar reputation and a track record of winning cases that demonstrate his commitment to acting in his client’s best interests, making him a dependable and esteemed immigration lawyer.

You cannot become an immigration lawyer in Canada without taking the ICCRC exam. Passing the exam is a mandatory requirement to obtain the RCIC designation and practice as a licensed immigration lawyer.

To maintain your immigration license as an RCIC, fulfill Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, and uphold the Code of Professional Ethics set by the ICCRC. Adhering to these ensures ongoing competence and ethical practice.

There can be variations in the requirements for becoming an immigration lawyer in different provinces in Canada. Some provinces may have additional criteria or specific regulations, in addition to the federal requirements set by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Aspiring lawyers should research and be aware of the specific requirements in the province in which they wish to practice to ensure compliance and obtain a license.


To obtain a license as an Immigration Lawyer in Canada, applicants must meet educational standards, pass the International Commission on the Regularization of Canadian Residency (ICCRC), demonstrate good moral character, and acquire insurance. Additionally, applicants must adhere to ethical standards, participate in Citizenship, Development, and Protection Programs (CDP), and be cognizant of provincial differences. As a Licensed Immigration Lawyer, Mr. Zia Waseer demonstrates a commitment to client satisfaction and upholds industry standards, thus establishing himself as a reliable name in Canadian Immigration

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