How much do immigration Lawyers charge in Canada

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Are you in search of immigration lawyer fees in Canada? We’ve got you covered! It’s no secret that hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer can be expensive. Depending on who you choose, you could end up paying a lot of money for an immigration lawyer, paperwork, and other extra costs. If you want to get through immigration better and have a better shot at success, it’s a good idea to hire an approved and trusted lawyer like Zia Waseer law Office. Their fees cover the cost of their expert advice and support.

The Cost of Hiring Immigration Advisors in Canada

Depending on the type of service offered and the complexity of the immigration process, immigration lawyer’s rates might differ greatly in Canada. There is no fixed cost structure for immigration lawyers because of the confidential nature of their work, and each lawyer determines their charges.

Immigration lawyers may use a variety of fee schedules to bill customers. Others may bill an hourly rate for the time spent on the case, while some may employ a fixed fee for certain services. Additionally, lawyers may provide comprehensive packages that encompass a variety of areas of the immigration procedure, such as aid with Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applications or the creation of Express Entry profiles.

In Canada, employing an immigration counsel might cost anywhere between a few hundred and several thousand dollars. Before using a lawyer’s services, potential clients must first negotiate fees in detail and get a full grasp of their costs.

It is recommended to ask the immigration expert for a written contract to maintain transparency and safeguard both parties. The services to be rendered, the accompanying costs, and any other pertinent terms and conditions should all be specified in detail in the contract. This written agreement ensures that there are no misconceptions regarding the scope of work and associated charges between the consultant and the customer.

The agency in charge of overseeing immigration consultants in Canada is the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). It lays out standards and requirements that consultants must follow, such as those about payment and client representation. On the official website of the ICCRC, individuals can check an immigration consultant’s status as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to confirm their credentials.

Services offered by Waseer Law Office

Immigration professionals, such as Waseer Law Office, offer a variety of services to help you and your family with your immigration process in Canada, including:

Consultation & Application Preparation

Evaluating your client’s eligibility for different immigration programs and advising you on the best immigration path for you. Waseer Immigration attorney helps you complete your immigration application correctly and quickly.

Study and Work Permits

Study and work permits are vital services offered by immigration lawyer such as Zia Waseer. Through the support of immigration lawyers, individuals can confidently pursue educational and career opportunities in Canada, shaping a promising future in the country.

Visitor Visas& Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Visitor visas and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are crucial services provided by immigration lawyers to individuals seeking to visit Canada or obtain permanent residency through a provincial nomination.

Document review and creating an Express Entry profile

Immigration lawyers are responsible for reviewing and organizing your supporting documents to meet the requirements of your immigration program. Immigration lawyers also help you manage your Express Entry profile, which is an essential part of Canada’s immigration system. Optimizing your Express Entry profile helps immigration lawyers improve your CRS score, increasing your chances of getting an ITA for permanent residence.

Applications for Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship applications are a significant service provided by immigration lawyers like Zia Waseer, an authorized representative and member of ICCRC. With expert guidance, Zia Waseer helps individuals sponsor their family members to immigrate to Canada, ensuring accurate and timely submissions. This support fosters family reunification in Canada and opens new opportunities for their loved ones.

Assisting with Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Immigration lawyers play a crucial role in assisting individuals with FSWP and CEC applications, increasing their chances of successful outcomes for Canadian permanent residency. Supporting skilled worker immigration programs for permanent residency

Besides the abovementioned immigration services, Waseer Law Office also offers Interview Preparation & Citizenship Applications. With expert coaching and guidance from Zia Waseer, applicants can be well-prepared to present their cases effectively, increasing their chances of a successful outcome. Moreover, immigration lawyers assist individuals in the citizenship application process.

What is the pricing breakdown for immigration lawyer?

The fee division for an immigration service can vary depending on the lawyer’s business model, the range of services provided, and the complexity of the immigration case. It’s important to note that the following fee division is just a general example and might not represent the exact structure used by all immigration lawyers. Always discuss the fee division and services directly with the lawyer.

Many immigration lawyers offer an initial service to assess the client’s eligibility and discuss their immigration options. This consultation might be offered at a flat fee or an hourly rate.

The lawyer may charge an application preparation fee for the preparation and review of the immigration application, which may differ depending on the intricacy of the situation and the immigration program being applied for.

Some lawyers might charge a separate fee for reviewing and organizing the supporting documents required for the immigration application.

In addition to the lawyer’s services fee, there will be government application fees that need to be paid for processing the immigration application. These fees are set by the government and vary based on the type of visa or immigration program.

If the lawyer provides additional services such as interview preparation, appeals, or ongoing support, there might be additional fees associated with these services.

Some people work on a contingency basis, which means they charge a percentage of the successful outcome, such as obtaining a visa or permanent residency. Contingency fees are more common in certain types of immigration cases

It’s essential to clarify the refund policy in case the application is not successful or if the client decides not to proceed with the application after engaging the services.

Working with authorized representatives, like ICCRC members or lawyers in good standing, ensures professional and regulated immigration advice. Zia Waseer, an authorized representative, can provide reputable immigration services in Canada. Always obtain a written agreement for transparency before engaging any immigration lawyer.

Sadly, there is no average immigration lawyer fees in Canada, as the fees will vary depending on the immigration path you are taking and the complexity of your immigration case.

Some factors that may impact the immigration lawyer’s cost include immigration program fees, application costs, immigration lawyer rates, and immigration processing times.

Immigration lawyers charge for their services to assist individuals and families with their immigration needs.


Immigration lawyers offer a variety of services to help you and your family with your immigration needs. They can help you with everything from preparing your application to reviewing your documents. They can also manage your Express Entry profile and help you with family sponsorships. Their fees cover their professional advice and support. Hiring an immigration lawyer in Canada can be expensive, but that depends on the complexity of your case and the immigration program you're applying for. Hiring an authorized and reputable lawyer like Waseer law office can help you get through the immigration system better and give you a better chance of success. For further information Contact us.